Notify your medical doctor when a boil develops—the most common type of MRSA infection in a community setting. A boil is a tender, red lump that swells and gets pimple-like white heads.

Frequent sites for boils are the neck, armpits, groin, and buttocks

Small red bumps that look like spider bites or ingrown hairs
Severe pain at a simple, red, swollen site

DO—Wash hands frequently or whenever they are visibly soiled or contamination is suspected, to prevent the spread of MRSA.

DO—Shower regularly and after activity, using soap and water.

DO—Remind people around you to wash/sanitize their hands with soap and water.

DO—Keep wounds and lesions covered with clean, dry bandages. This is very important when drainage is present.

DO—Wash and dry clothes, linens and towels on the “hot” setting if possible. Make sure all fabrics are COMPLETELY dry before removing from the dryer.

DO—Regularly clean “touched” surfaces in your environment.

DO—Avoid skin-to-skin contact or participating in contact sports until the infection has healed.

DO—Complete antibiotics as prescribed by your doctor.

DON’T—Get into a common tub or whirlpool with lesion.

DON’T—Share bars of soap, razors, towels, or athletic gear.

DON’T—Wait to see if lesion gets better on it’s own.

DON’T—Let an infected area touch any surface that is shared by others.

Clean hands and environment is the first step to preventing the spread of any infection.