Occupational Health

The Occupational Health Services Department at UNC Rockingham Health Care provides on and off-site health and wellness services to community businesses and industries. Services are based on the specific needs and requests of clients. Medical evaluations and care are provided by a certified occupational health physician and licensed and certified health care professionals.

The Occupational Health Services Department is located on the hospital campus to accommodate clients’ needs. A needs assessment can be conducted at the worksite by a trained Occupational Health professional to keep costs as low as possible.

Major services available include:

  • Audiological examinations and hearing conservation training
  • Injury/illness follow-up
  • Breath alcohol and urine COC drug testing
  • Medical clearance for respirator use
  • Comprehensive wellness programs
  • Nerve conduction testing (NCSTAT) for carpal tunnel, elbow and back problems
  • Comprehensive Workers’ Compensation management
  • Occupational Health laboratory
  • DOT physicals and drug screens
  • Personal wellness profiles
  • Emergency services
  • Physical examinations Ergonomic assessment and counseling
  • Pulmonary function testing
  • Health and safety education and training
  • Rehabilitation services
  • Injury and illness treatment and management
  • Worksite adult immunizations and TB skin tests

For more information or to set up an appointment for a workplace evaluation, call (336) 627-6182.