PatientPortalLogoWelcome to the Morehead Hospital Patient Portal. The Patient Portal allows you to view your demographic profile (name, address, date of birth, etc.), view your upcoming appointments and any special instructions for them, review any medications prescribed for you during a hospital visit, see the results of laboratory testing or radiology exams, and see your visit history at Morehead Hospital. Keep in mind that the portal only shows visit information from March 2013 forward. We hope you find our Patient Portal a useful tool in maintaining your health. If you see ways that we can improve the site please let us know using the ‘Contact’ button on the site to send us a message with your suggestions. Registering for the Morehead Patient Portal is a 2 step process. First you must enroll.

  1. There are 2 ways to enroll:
    1. Self-enroll: you will need to know your Medical Record Number (MRN) and have your email address on file in Morehead’s Electronic Medical Record system. To be able to self-enroll you have either been a patient at the hospital and were given your MRN and your email address was entered into our system at that time or you visited our Health Information Management office for the specific purpose of getting enrolled (see b. below). Visit this link to self-enroll:
    2. Hospital enrollment: Visit Morehead’s Health Information Management Office (HIM) to obtain your MRN and have your email address recorded. If you prefer, the staff in HIM will be happy to enroll you at that time or you may self-enroll later (see above). Please bring your photo ID with you when you come to the HIM office to prove your identity.
  2. After enrolling you will receive an email with your temporary login and password plus a link to access the registration page. Use the temporary credentials to log into the portal where you will be asked to enter a permanent user ID, the temporary password, and a new permanent password known only to you. You will then be asked to answer 3 security questions. Then click the ‘Submit’ button – you are through. You will be asked to log off then log back in with your new credentials.

Direct links to Morehead Patient Portal:

Login page:

Password reset:

User ID reset:

Our Morehead Physician Practices also offer our patients easy and private access to their medical information online, so you can view your personal health record whenever and wherever you have access to the Internet. Gain access to your private health information and receive periodic updates and reminders from your doctor on your personal e-mail address.

To gain access to our secure server on Patient Portal for Morehead Physician Practices and become web-enabled, simply sign up by calling your provider’s office during regular business hours and providing them with a personal (non-work) e-mail address. You will be able to securely log in with your username and password, and gain access to your personal health record and other helpful features from any computer or smartphone with an Internet connection.