Pay My Bill

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We recognize that many times health care services are unexpected, and that coping with health problems can be stressful, both physically and financially. To help you take care of your bill as conveniently as possible, we offer several payment options:

1.     You may make an estimated payment in full at the time of service or discharge by cash, check, or credit/debit card. As a routine practice, the hospital collects co-payments and deductibles at the time of service. Payments are expected to be made at this time unless other arrangements have been made.

2.     If you were not able to pay in full at the time of your service, you may pay your bill in full when you receive your hospital statement. You can pay by check or credit/debit card by mail, phone, or online. Information on all three options can be found on your bill.

3.     You may choose to set up a monthly payment plan. We offer short-term interest free payment plans or, if you need more time to pay your bill, you can finance your account. This option offers affordable payments at a low interest rate that allow you to repay your account over an extended period. Once you have set up a financing arrangement with us, you can add other hospital bills to it, as long as your account remains in good standing. For more information about our financing program and to download an application, click here. For information about our interest-free options, please call us. Please note that you must contact us to set up either type of payment plan or to add new bills to an existing payment plan.

Discounts are available to patients without insurance if the balance is paid in full by the due date of the first bill. Employees may pay hospital bills through payroll deductions or PAL sellback.

We appreciate your timely assistance in helping us resolve your bill. If satisfactory payment arrangements have not been made within 15 days of receiving our bill, your balance will be considered past due and may be placed with an outside agency for collection. This may have an adverse effect on your credit rating.