“A gift of flowers can only begin to express my gratitude.”

Becky Bell2Becky Bell (right) has been having back-pain issues since 1999. A fall in 2013 seriously aggravated the problem. “On a scale of 1 to 10, the pain was at least a 9 all of the time,” says Becky, a floral designer. “I was having difficulty walking and could only climb stairs one step at a time.”

Fortunately, Becky found the help she needed at Morehead Memorial Hospital. “I had been to see doctors in Greensboro, who would talk to me for just 10 minutes,” Becky says. “Then I went to see Dr. David O’Toole (a pain management specialist with
Morehead Memorial Hospital). He listened to me for two hours.”

Dr. O’Toole ordered an MRI of Becky’s lower spine. “Over the years, I’ve been to hospitals in Christiansburg, Durham and Chapel Hill to have images taken of my back and spine,” Becky says. “And I have to say the people at Morehead Memorial Hospital are the best. Ashley Johnson (left, MRI supervisor) is wonderful. She is so kind, sweet and empathetic.”

Just recently, Dr. O’Toole performed a cooled radiofrequency denervation to freeze six nerve endings in Becky’s lower spine. The results were amazing. “Within days, all of the pain in my legs was gone!” Becky says. “And my back pain is so much
better. I just can’t express how grateful I am to Morehead Memorial Hospital.”